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brazilian butt lift surgery upper west side NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery - Dr. Elan Singer Upper West Side, NYC

Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure which grafts fat from one area of the body and transfers this to the butt, in order to create a fuller bottom. By removing the patient's own fat and transferring it, it reduces the risk of the body rejecting it.

The fat is removed via liposuction from one area of the body, usually from the lower back, flanks, stomach or thighs, and transferred to the buttocks to create a rounder, firmer, and fuller look. By using fat, it is easier to shape than butt implants, making it easier to create the desired look. In addition, using fat means getting rid of fat from unwanted areas, while transferring it the buttocks to get a better shape. The patient will need to have enough fat in order to remove it, therefore the procedure is not suitable for patients who are very thin and unable to gain weight, therefore butt implants may be considered to be a better option. The procedure may be performed in conjunction with hip augmentation, abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. Once the Brazilian lift is complete, usually around 70% of the fat that is transferred is retained in the buttocks and the other 30% is usually reabsorbed by the body. Patients should try to maintain their weight after the procedure as gaining or losing weight may impact the buttocks and the results of the surgery.
Recommended for
  • Patients who are unhappy with the size or shape of their butt

How is it performed

The patient will be given local anesthetic or sedation, or may be given a general anesthetic before the procedure begins. The surgeon will then begin by making an incision in the area of the body where the fat is being harvested from. Tubes will then be inserted through the incisions and the fat is removed via liposuction. The incision site is then closed with sutures once the fat has been removed.

Once the fat has been removed, it is then purified and prepared, and placed into syringes to be injected into the buttocks. The fat is then injected into the buttocks and shaped to achieve the desired results.

Anesthesia: Local or general anesthetic
Procedure duration: The Brazilian Butt Lift takes 2 to 6 hours.

What to expect after Brazilian Butt Lift

Post procedure care
Patients should avoid sitting for 2 weeks after the surgery in order to help the buttocks to heal. For the following weeks, they should sit on a special cushion to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks. Patients may also need to wear a compression garment after the surgery and should take pain medication as advised by the doctor. Patients should rest for the few days after the surgery and have a friend or family member to stay with them during the recovery process.

They will need to attend a follow up consultation to check the progress of healing.

Possible discomfort

Patients will experience pain and swelling in the buttocks after the surgery