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breast implant removal surgery upper west side NYC

Breast Implant Removal - Dr. Elan Singer - Upper West Side NYC

Remove  Previously Inserted Breast Implants

Breast implant removal is the surgical removal of previously inserted implants and can be removed for a number of reasons. Implants generally need to be replaced every 8 to 10 years and some patients may decide to have them removed and not to replace them, or they may be removed in order to change the size.

Breast implants may also be removed if the patient no longer wants the implants for personal reasons, or sometimes it may be necessary to remove breast implants for medical reasons, particularly if there is complications with the implants. Breast implant removal often incorporates a breast lift in the same surgery, in the cases where women are not having the implants replaced. Without a breast lift, the breasts may sag as a result of removing the implants.
Recommended for
  • Changing the size of the implants
  • Fully removing breast implants due to personal preference or due to a medical requirement

As decided at the consultation, the doctor will make an incision through which the implant is removed. Most often the incision is made in the previous incision site, in order to minimise scarring. The implant is then removed and the surgeon may then proceed with a breast lift to improve the shape of the breast, depending on the patients wishes.

Anesthesia: Local, or local with sedation. Procedure duration: This usually takes 1 to 2 hours, but may take longer with a breast lift.

What to expect after Breast Implant Removal

Post procedure care

After the procedure, the site will be sutured, usually with dissolvable stitches (so they will not need to be removed afterwards). Patients should rest for at least a couple of days after surgery. Breasts will take their final shape after around 2 months.

Possible discomfort

Soreness, bruising and swelling are common, and patients should expect a degree of lethargy for at least a week after surgery.