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earlobe repair surgery upper east side NYC

Earlobe Repair  Surgery- Dr. Elan Singer Upper East Side NYC

Repair Stretched or Split Earlobes

Earlobe repair is a quick and effective cosmetic surgery procedure to correct split or torn earlobes due to heavy earrings as well as repairing big holes caused by big plug earrings.

Considering Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Split earlobe repair surgery is a procedure that Dr. Elan Singer provides for an earlobe which has torn, as a result of over-stretching or accidental tearing the earlobes. This usually occurs from wearing heavy earrings or injury. Stretched earlobe repair is a surgical procedure for people with stretched earlobes as a result of a tribal ear piercing, flesh tunnel, or from big plug earrings. It is a relatively quick and simple procedure conducted under a local anesthetic. Anesthesia: Local Length of procedure: 20 -40 minutes per earlobe.

Why won't the earlobe heal in time?

When the earlobe is stretched to more than 8mm, it is unlikely that the hole will fully contract to its original size. This results in an abnormally shaped earlobe, which is often difficult to hide with hair, especially for men with shorter hairstyles.

Post treatment

After your earlobe repair surgery, you will be able to return home immediately. The stitches will be removed after one to two weeks. There will be small scars on the ears which will at first be red, but will eventually fade to a pale silvery color. After 4-6 months the earlobe should look almost completely normal with no obvious signs of the previous piercing.

When can ears be re-pierced?

Ears can be re-pierced 6 weeks after the operation has taken place. It is also recommended not to pierce directly at the wound area or above. The earlobe repair procedure fee includes a re-piercing after the earlobes are healed.

The next step

We always encourage people to do as much research as they can when considering cosmetic surgery. Dr. Singer is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.