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Fat Transfer For Volume Enhancement - Dr. Elan Singer Upper West Side NYC

Plump Up, Enhance and Revitalize Face and Body Areas

A Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Injections or Fat Grafting) uses your own fat to rejuvenate, plump, add volume and shape to the face, hands and body. Fat injections are safe, well tolerated and a great alternative to dermal fillers and implants.

As we age, our skin looses volume, elasticity and starts to wrinkle. Using your own fat, the body’s most valuable source of stem cells, have paved the way for a natural alternative to injected synthetic dermal fillers and implant surgery. If you're looking for a subtle volume enhancement to your face and/or a moderate enhancement to parts of your body, fat injections with Dr. Elan B. Singer may be the right volume enhancing choice for you.

How Does a Fat Transfer Procedure Work

The Fat Transfer Procedure removes unwanted fat from your body, via Liposuction, and re-implants it into other areas of the face, hands and body. The results of fat injections last 10 times longer (up to 10 years), when compared to dermal fillers, making a fat transfer procedure a viable rejuvenating and enhancement solution.

  • Breasts Augmentation with Fat Transfer - Fat transfer to the Breasts is a minimally-invasive treatment offering  a natural looking enhancement. It is a popular choice for women who do not want breast implants and are looking to add shape and volume to their chest, whilst removing stubborn pockets of fat elsewhere on the body.
  • Buttocks Augmentation with Fat Transfer - If your buttocks naturally lacks volume or definition, a Fat Transfer may be the right procedure to achieve a natural-looking curve and a more pronounced shape to your backside without using an implant.
  • Face Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer - Aging has its effects on everyone’s skin, as wrinkles start to appear, the face loses volume, elasticity and sagging occurs. Fat transfers to the face, also known as an (organic facelift) can restore age-related loss of volume and subtly smooth out wrinkles, without the need for dermal fillers.
  • Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer - The popularity of hand rejuvenation has increased immensely. Fat injections to the Hands not only adds volume to the back of the hands and makes the tendons and bones less obvious, it also disguises visible veins. Unlike dermal fillers which need be repeated every 6-9 months, the injected fat remains in the hands permanently (as long as your weight is maintained).

Advantages of Fat Grafting and Fat Transfers

  • More economical than synthetic fillers in the long-term.
  • Not only does the Fat Graft result in increased subtle volume and ‘plumpness’, but also improved skin texture and quality due to the stem cells contained in the fat.
  • The results can bring back 5-10 years on the treated areas.
  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimal downtime - return home the same day and just a couple of days downtime for many of the procedures
  • Only local anesthetic is necessary
  • Performed in combination with Liposuction

Fat Injections - An Alternative to Dermal Fillers

Use your own fat to smooth out wrinkles and plump up the skin with a Fat Transfer Fat Injections are a more natural and a popular alternative to dermal fillers. Fat thats injected into face can not only smooth out wrinkles and lines but can add volume to sunken cheeks, eye hollows  or thinning lips, with an indirect boosting effect on the texture and tone of the skin. As women and men seek out the latest in cosmetic treatments, more and more patients are choosing Fat injections as their treatment of choice over temporary dermal fillers. With one fat transfer procedure, you remove the need for all those regular touch-ups, resulting in natural-looking rejuvenation.
Most areas of the face, hands and body can be enhanced with fat injections. These include:
  • Marionette or nasolabial lines near the nose and mouth
  • Temples
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Under eye hollows
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Jawline
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Hands

Am I candidate for a fat transfer procedure?

The key to achieving the best Fat Transfer results is having enough fat to transfer for treatment, meaning not everyone is a candidate. Before going ahead you will need to meet with Board Certified Dr. Elan B. Singer at MODLX Cutting Edge Aesthetics, who will advise on your suitability.