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ThermiSmooth Face at MODLX Cutting Edge Aesthetics nyc

ThermiSmooth Face - Non-Surgical Radio Frequency - Manhattan NYC

Get Smoother, Tighter, and Youthful Skin with ThermiSmooth Face

ThermiSmooth safely and comfortably tightens aging, sagging, or wrinkled skin

ThermiSmooth Face is a non-invasive procedure that can help you achieve a more youthful look by giving you smoother, tighter skin. ThermiSmooth works on many different areas of the face. Gentle heating using temperature controlled radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen remodeling. The procedure time is short and feels like a warm massage.

What is ThermiSmooth?

ThermiSmooth uses targeted radiofrequency energy that heats up targeted areas of the skin. Unlike other skin tightening devices, treatment isn’t painful. This is due in part to how the system’s ability to constantly sense and adjust to the temperature of your skin as well as how the procedure is performed.

Our patients state the treatment is comfortable and feels like a to a warm massage.

How ThermiSmooth Works

ThermiSmooth® Face is performed using a small specially designed thermistor-regulated handpiece. As the handpiece gently heats the skin’s surface using dermal heating, it targets problem areas around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck.
When your skin’s collagen reaches around 104ºF, it reacts by shrinking. This shrinking effect is what causes the skin to naturally tighten, smooth skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, your skin’s natural inflammatory response to heat produces new collagen. The combination of shrinking and tightening are the beneficial effects of the procedure. As time goes on, your skin’s collagen fibers heal and strengthen. Noticeable results become more and more apparent with time.

Areas that can be treated with ThermiSmooth:

ThermiSmooth Face treats wrinkles and texture issues on the face. ThermiSmooth is most often performed on the following areas:
  • Forehead
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Lips
  • Lower Eyelids

Candidates for ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is safe for most anyone who wants to safely deal with wrinkles and minor texture issues of the face. Like any treatment, a consultation with one of our aesthetic specialists is suggested.

The Procedure

The ThermiSmooth procedure is comfortable and quick. Depending on the areas treated and the desired outcome, most sessions last about 30 minutes.

Recovery & Results

Most patients who undergo the ThermiSmooth procedure have minimal downtime. In some cases, minor swelling and redness may occur, which subsides after a few hours. In most cases, 3-4 treatment sessions, 1-2 weeks apart are necessary to achieve optimal results. Results are sometimes seen after the first treatment. Gradual production of collagen in the skin becomes more apparent as time goes on.  Full results are usually seen after 3-6 months.

The Modlx Medspa Difference

MODLX Aesthetics in Manhattan NYC, is proud to offer the expert services of Dr. Elan Singer. Dr. Singer is a renowned board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is a leader in the field of both surgical and non-surgical procedures to rejuvenate the face and body. Dr. Singer is dedicated to patient satisfaction and offers a wealth of experience and expertise. He is known throughout New York for his natural results. Initial consultations are always complimentary.
The aesthetic experts at MODLX are committed to offering the most up to date and innovative treatment options out there. ThermiSmooth is just one of the latest and greatest non-surgical cosmetic procedures available.

Interested in ThermiSmooth Face? Contact Modlx Face and Body Today! Start smoothing those problem areas of your face today. Modlx Medspa Aesthetics Wellness is a results-oriented medical spa. One of our aesthetic specialists can help you decide the best course of action for treating wrinkles and imperfections on your face.